Workday Adaptive Planning Healthcheck

Why Workday Adaptive Planning Healthcheck?

Ongoing Performance Diagnostics are a critical part of maintaining your Adaptive Workday Planning application. Performance Diagnostic sessions assist in guiding a logical, scientific approach to examining both existing applications and future development efforts.  Through best practices and testing in specific areas of your application, administrators will be better prepared to tackle design and production issues long before they become real problems. The result is a more productive experience for both the end-user and the administrator/developer.

Strategic Focus

A complete diagnostic also determines how well the application fits the current state of the company.  It should ask and answer questions such as:

  • Does the system design meet the current business needs?
  • What are its strengths and weaknesses?
  • Will the system easily flex for future strategy adjustments?

Performance Analysis Framework

The Performance Analysis Framework encompasses three areas of the application:

  1. In the Architecture and Data Flow review, QueBIT experts will assess the overall system configuration and security; use of Standard, Modeled and Cube sheets; and review data flows.
  2. The Flexibility and Performance analysis will address best practices in business calculations; use of attributes, dimensions, versions and time stratum; and provide insight into report and dashboard optimization. Are you utilizing all available features and functionality to get the biggest bang for your buck?
  3. QueBIT’s User Experience assessment will determine how well your application meets the needs of your end users.   Is it easy to use and maintain?  Does it provide the business insight required?

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