The No-Compromise Analytics Solution for Finance and Operations

At QueBIT, we believe that when it comes to your critical business processes, you shouldn’t have to compromise. That’s why we work with our clients to develop fast, flexible, and robust solutions using IBM® Planning Analytics, powered by IBM TM1.

IBM® Planning Analytics is an AI-infused, continuous integrated planning solution that allows you to transcend the limits of manual planning. This solution breaks down business unit siloes so you can quickly create more accurate plans and forecasts for FP&A, sales, supply chain and even manage your sustainability goals—all on one platform. Pivot in real-time, accelerate decision making and drive higher performance, all at the speed of modern business.

The IBM Planning Analytics platform, together with QueBIT’s subject matter expertise in finance and across all major industries is a powerful foundation for success.

Access All Your Data in a Single, Secure System

Planning Analytics connects to all ERP, HRM, and CRM systems, bringing all your data together in a single, secure system, where it can be combined with user input and calculations to create comprehensive business models.

Take Excel to the Next LevelPlanning Analytics Workspace

Planning Analytics takes Excel to the next level. Excel is no longer used to store your data – instead users use Excel to connect to Planning Analytics data and create reports that can be published to the web and shared by all users, reducing all the headache that comes with the proliferation of Excel spreadsheets.

Collaboration at the Speed of Now

When you make a change to your data, it is instantly reflected in all Planning Analytics calculations, reports, and dashboards, enabling you to collaborate at the speed of now. But don’t worry, you can work in your own sandbox before deciding to share with your team.

Innovative Planning Analytics Workspace

This attractive, intuitive web-based platform provides self-service planning, modeling, and analysis. It allows you to quickly and easily visualize your data in new ways, helping you improve communication and tell compelling stories.

Planning Analytics is Mobile-Friendly

Dashboards and published reports can be accessed from your phone or iPad, so you always have access to your critical information, wherever your busy life takes you.

Learn more about how we can help with our planning analytics upgrade services and our planning analytics health check.

Learn How Planning Analytics Improves Business Decision Making

Find out how data and planning analytics can transform the way your company makes crucial decision by reading our eBook 4 steps to better decision making and requesting a meeting with a Planning Analytics expert. 

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