Implementing Innovative and Agile Planning and Analysis Solutions

Through our System Implementation methodology, QueBIT strives to establish long-term relationships with clients. However, it is not our goal to encourage dependency. That’s why our most successful financial and operational planning system implementation projects are those in which the client helps build the system and embraces the process of skills transfer.

The QueBIT System Implementation process is successful because of our experience and adherence to best practices. We understand the best way to configure planning and analysis systems to achieve business agility. We use a consultative approach, giving the client options, telling them what works, and preventing them from going down the wrong path.

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Our CARE Methodology

The QueBIT Collaborative Agile Rapid Enablement implementation (CARE) methodology is a unique approach to implementing innovative analysis software solutions. The CARE methodology maximizes the success of projects and empowers the client to take true ownership of the technology at the end of the very first project and achieve the lowest true cost of ownership.

True cost of ownership and real return on investment (ROI) are the two most important factors when prospective customers choose a planning and analysis solution. While competing solutions require significant incremental short-term and long-term implementation costs, QueBIT CARE methodology implementation projects offer a much more affordable structure.

CARE requires client developers and administrators to work side-by-side with the QueBIT implementation team to achieve a successful knowledge transfer throughout the duration of the project. This is the primary value proposition for selecting QueBIT for implementation projects. QueBIT has built a reputation centered on complete excellence and expertise, and the transfer of this knowledge to clients empowers them to achieve their goals.


Whether you are new to Planning Analytics or Cognos Analytics or a seasoned Administrator or developer, QueBIT’s training team can help you grow your technical skills! QueBIT offers live instructor-led training (onsite or remote) for IBM’s Planning Analytics (TM1) and Cognos Analytics, in addition to a library of Planning Analytics training videos to assist rolling out Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) or Planning Analytics for Excel (PAfE). Please contact for more information.

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Our System Implementation Roadmap

1. Executive Strategy Diagnostics

This incorporates the input of key stakeholders that are not able to participate in the project design phase because of other business commitments, enabling the implementation team to build solutions in context of the long-term strategic goals of the organization.

2. Preparing the Client Team to Effectively Participate in the Design Process

Developing solutions that solve business problems efficiently and effectively requires a deep understanding of business processes and the problems associated that exist today. CARE starts with introductory training to establish key concepts of the technology for the client team members participating in the design processes.

3. Project Kickoff/Design Workshop

The goal of this initial 2 to 3-day meeting is to help the key stakeholders identify the specific deliverables, data requirements, and tasks associated with the project. Careful preparation is pre-requisite to a successful project kickoff and subsequent design phase.

4. Rapid Prototyping to Establish Scope and Conceptual Design

The goal of rapid prototyping is to establish a conceptual design and scope for the entire project. By using real data to assist with the creative process and validation of concepts, Rapid Prototyping fosters ingenuity and can quickly identify whether certain ideas can be incorporated.

5. Preparing the Client Team to Effectively Participate in the Build Processes

Our goal is to empower the client team to take ownership of both the technology and the solution delivered. QueBIT helps our clients work efficiently and effectively, by ensuring the client development team is familiar with the key technology concepts and how to put these into best practice.

6. Dividing the Effort into Build Modules

For a skills transfer-focused project, the build phase should be sub-divided into component deliveries (“modules”). Dividing the build effort into modules facilitates skills transfer to the client.

7. Integrate System Through Secure Administration and Workflow Processes

The building, testing and refinement of all the system modules accounts for approximately two-thirds of a successful implementation. The design and build of the Administration processes, workflow, and security completes the solution, and these often have a huge impact on the final solution.

8. Establishing Acceptance of the System

User acceptance testing is critical in enabling the client to leverage the full value of a solution. Depending on the size of your organization, different approaches can deliver more effective results. QueBIT helps you develop appropriate test scripts to prove overall system functionality.

9. Getting the System Ready for Production

Training, documentation, and administration are critical to the success of any implementation. At this stage, final development to production migration details are identified and assigned to ensure a smooth transition to going live.

10. Going Live

If the solution Design, Build, Test, and Deployment phases have been managed properly, going live into production should go smoothly. In the real business world, constantly changing variables can affect live transitions, and QueBIT will be there to support you every step of the way.

QueBIT has specialized expertise in:

“It was very important to me that the implementation project focused on knowledge transfer and that we selected a partner who listened to our input. I felt as though most companies we talked to weren’t listening to us but that wasn’t the case with QueBIT! They listened to our input, and we collectively determined the best implementation approach based on our priorities, involvement, and commitment. The results: we ended the project on track to kick off the budget cycle as scheduled and have the knowledge to adjust our budget models allowing for an agile budget process.”

- Andrea Bernier, CPA, Director, Financial Systems, Finance & Accounting 

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