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Some companies may have planning and analytics technology in mind that they want to validate, and others may be searching for the right solution. Using our experience with planning and analytics, we have developed feature-rich and easy to integrate software for financial reporting and planning workflow management and maintenance. 

ReportWORQ helps companies save money, increase efficiency, and improve decision-making by distributing engaging and accurate reports on time, every time. DataWORQ maximizes companies’ ability to maintain and manage their planning system data flows and transformations, while also supporting their ownership of data validation 


ReportWORQ helps companies accelerate and automate reports. With this software, businesses can send reports effortlessly across the organization. ReportWORQ provides a fast and error-proof way of sharing data after it has been collected, validated, and organized.  

 ReportWORQ uses automation to help you quickly send out accurate reports and is able to integrate with different systems to reach recipients through a variety of delivery channels. You can even include high-level summaries directly in the email message. Built-in configurability ensures recipients receive accurate information for areas of the business that they own. 

 ReportWORQ was designed and built specifically to help professionals in Finance enable and impress the organization with relevant information tailored to how the business should be managed. Think of ReportWORQ as a simple mail-merge system that works directly with your existing reports and planning system. 

ReportWORQ at a Glance

ReportWORQ replaces manual Excel-based reporting processes with automation, making information actionable and accessible enterprise wide. Features include:

Report Bursting to send out reports in bulk, getting valuable information into the hands of the people who need it quickly.

Quote Input for NV Sales March 2018

Input Forms for businesses that have groups of users who need to enter a small amount of data occasionally and do not each require a dedicated planning license.

Briefing Books to simplify report-builds, reducing the number of reports needed and distributing them more quickly.

Files with words going into Condensed Inc Statement, Income Statement, Statements of Income, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet Variance, and Executive Report cover, going into big box saying executive reports

"I needed to send 270 individual P&L reports to over 350 recipients. My challenge was to provide not only individual reports, but also summarized reports by Portfolios, Centre, Programs supporting transactional detail, as well as commentary on action items based on analysis of the data. ReportWORQ helped me take this chore from 5 days to just 30 minutes!!"

- Andrea Beinat, System/Database Project Manager, Barnardo’s Australia, Children’s Charity

Be an Innovator by implementing Report Bursting for Planning Analytics

RPA for Financial and Management Reporting

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QueBIT DataWORQ is a special–purpose Extract, Translate, Load (ETL) solution designed for business users and Extended Planning & Analysis (xP&A). The software allows users to maximize their ability to maintain and manage their planning system data flows and transformations, while also supporting their ownership of data validation. In addition to traditional ETL features, DataWORQ includes a predictive modeling engine and an optimization engine designed specifically for a range of common planning and analytics use cases.

As a starting point, one of the key strengths of DataWORQ is the ability to accept data from many different platforms. The first data source for any planning and reporting system is usually the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, but this is often supplemented by other data sets ranging from spreadsheet files to data warehouses, external data, and other operational software applications.

Use DataWORQ to automate your management reporting and quickly initialize your budget. Get time back in your day to spend on analysis and core business decisions. With DataWORQ you can have different algorithms compete on forecast accuracy and automatically determine which algorithm performs best for different lines of business. Forecasting requires no code necessary and turns your Data Science effort into simple configuration.

Whether you are trying to understand the past, measure performance in the present, or forecast the future, DataWORQ helps you company use data as the fuel to power your driver-based, predictive, and prescriptive models. DataWORQ also helps you to use data for validation to build trust, because no machine model can ever survive a lack of trust.

For more information Download the DataWORQ Brochure

DataWORQ at a Glance

QueBIT advocates strongly for the use of a relational Data Hub as a foundational component of every planning system we design. DataWORQ provides all your Data Hub needs, including:

ETL for an intuitive, visual approach to managing your data pipeline.

DataWORQ Modeling

Modeling to prepare, stage, model, and execute your full predictive workflow.

Orchestration that integrates with existing systems to deliver a streamlined approach to data organization.

DataWORQ Modeling
DataWORQ Scheduling

Scheduling to automate your data management on a schedule that supports your business needs.

“The system delivers reliable baseline forecasting for all our global markets. This enables our planners to focus on exception planning and applying local market intelligence to the plan. The integration of financials in local currency into the forecast process has greatly enhanced our S&OP efforts around the world. Our planners can seamlessly work with Finance, Sales, and Logistics within the system.”

- Al Ivaska, Sr. International Demand Planner, Arthrex

Print Reports for IBM Planning Analytics

Boost Your Excel Reporting Efficiency with Our Free Print Reports for IBM Planning Analytics

If you're an avid user of IBM Planning Analytics for Excel (PAfE), then we've got great news for you. Upgrade your reporting capabilities with QueBIT's Print Reports, a feature that emulates the popular Print Reports function from the legacy IBM Cognos TM1 Perspectives add-in. And the best part? It's absolutely free!

Quick and Easy Installation
Installing Print Reports is a breeze. Simply download the software package, which includes Print Reports and some other PAfE-productivity tools, from the link below and launch it directly from within Microsoft Excel.

Compatibility and Requirements
Print Reports runs as an Excel add-in and is compatible with all currently supported versions of Microsoft Office.

How to Obtain a Free License Key
Although Print Reports is free, it does require a license key for activation. You can easily obtain this key when you open the Print Reports utility in Excel.

Upgrade Your Reporting Game Now!
Download Print Reports to elevate your reporting capabilities in IBM Planning Analytics for Excel. The Excel add-in even has other free features to help audit your PAfE reports.

Print Reports is based on a small subset of report-generation and automation functionality in our ReportWORQ solution. For those interested in automating the report generation and distribution process, don't forget to check out ReportWORQ as well.

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