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Disable Select Data Spreading Options in IBM Planning Analytics

Disable Select Data Spreading Options in Planning Analytics Workspace With the release of Planning Analytics Workspace version 2.0.86 the ability to disable certain data spreading options available to users has been added. This allows administrators to disable data spreading options that could unintentionally populate a large number of cells when spread to all cells under…

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Creating Reusable Custom Code Snippets for PAW

Custom Code Snippets for Planning Analytics Workspace With the release of Planning Analytics Workspace version 2.0.88, the ability to upload and use custom code snippets was added to the Workbench in Planning Analytics Workspace. In previous releases, there was only a select amount of code snippets to choose from. After creating and uploading a custom…

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Debugging a TurboIntegrator Process

Debugging a TurboIntegrator Process What is TurboIntegrator? Planning Analytics/TM1 TurboIntegrator lets you create processes that automate work such as data importation, metadata management, and other tasks. Each process is a “script object” that consists of: A Data Source description (of an ODBC source, ASCII file, OLAP multi-dimensional source TM1cube view or, TM1 dimension subset) A Set of Variables that…

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The Ultimate Solution for Streamlined Data Collection and Planning

Maximize Business Efficiency with ReportWORQ ReportWORQ revolutionizes the way businesses manage data collection and planning. With its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities, it’s designed to simplify data collection from internal and external sources, saving you hours of manual labor. • Eliminate the hassle of manually copying templates and transposing data. ReportWORQ automates these tasks so…

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Do I Need an IBM ID?

Do I Need an IBM ID? If you are responsible for supporting IBM Planning Analytics (PA), are the “newly appointed” PA or Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) administrator for your organization or simply a Planning Analytics “consumer”, at some point you will want to “interact” with IBM in respect to potential new offerings, version availability, downloads,…

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A SQL Server Integrated Services SSIS Exercise

SQL Server Integration Services is a platform for building enterprise-level data integration and data transformations solutions. You can use Integration Services to perform a variety of tasks such as maintaining data hubs that serve Planning Analytics or other enterprise applications. The following outlines the process of creating and deploying a working SSIS package that takes…

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Advanced Features in OfficeConnect – Workday Adaptive Planning

OfficeConnect has many helpful features that enable detailed report creation tailored to customer needs.  Below are a handful of advanced features worth pointing out. Absolute vs Relative Time Most often you will want to open a report and view it as of a certain date without manually updating the report.  By properly building your report…

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A Database Administrator Approach to Building Cubes in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace

If you are more of a code-junkie at heart like me, or perhaps have come from a relational database background, you may want to think about the following concept. By now, you most likely understand how to build cubes using Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW). If not, you can have a look here. Similar to TM1…

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Reducing Calculations with Text – Anaplan

Reducing Calculations with Text in Anaplan Reducing Calculations in Anaplan improves performance, and I am not referring to reducing line items. I am talking about the pieces of each formula in the line items. Anaplan’s engine is designed primarily to complete tasks that are Boolean, followed by numerical, like most computers. When you leverage text,…

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