Guidance for Every Step in the Planning and Analysis Journey

Companies have different advisory needs based on what level of planning and analysis maturity they have achieved. Some companies may not have planning and analysis solutions in place and need help knowing where to get started. Other companies already have planning and analysis technology but are experiencing problems with their financial and operational planning solutions..

Both types of businesses know they can do better but need advice on how.

QueBIT Advisory Services provide guidance for organizations by meeting them where they are in their journey. We offer Software Evaluations for customers that need a solution and Health Assessments for businesses that already have technology in place and need to optimize it.

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Software Evaluation

If your company doesn’t have planning and analysis technologies in place, navigating the market can be overwhelming. That’s why QueBIT offers a Software Evaluation to help you get started with the right technology for financial and operational planning agility.

To choose the right technology, we start by gathering requirements and investing time to better understand your needs.

As part of the evaluation process, we encourage you to look at whether you are spending your time on things that add value or if you are in a cycle of routine, low value tasks. Your current processes may not enable you to keep up with the amount of data requests you are receiving. The planning and analysis software you implement should enable you to plan continuously to achieve business agility.

Health Assessment

If your company already has planning and analysis technology in place, you need help identifying the problems your current solutions aren’t solving for. Through a Health Assessment, the QueBIT team can determine whether you need to find new technology or optimize the solutions you have.

Performance problems can impact how well your planning system meets users' needs. The experts at QueBIT can troubleshoot performance problems and provide a path to an improved planning system.

We can look at your existing system and show you new features, use cases, and automations for the software that you own. Your current technology may have become a mismatch due to evolution of your business, or you may not be aware of all its capabilities.

Based on our assessment, we can give you recommendations on how to get more out of what you are using. ​The goal of the Health Assessment is to arrive at a treatment plan.

QueBIT has specialized technology expertise in:

System Implementation

Get help putting your plan into action.

Support & Staff Augmentation

Receive ongoing support for your system implementation.

Data Management

Integrate your data systems for simplified management.

Extended planning and analysis (xP&A) represents an ideal future state in which planning is integrated, comprehensive, and continuous. Achieving your xP&A goals depends on a range of factors, including business process factors, “people” factors, and technology factors.

Request a Planning Session With a QueBIT Expert

Participate in an hour-long discussion with one of our Solution Architects to explore your company’s data requirements and receive an agile planning roadmap to help your company progress along its journey to business agility.