Make smarter decision faster with the world's first business planning cloud.

Traditional planning is too hard and too slow for today's agile businesses. For active planning, you need a solution that's easy, powerful, and fast. Workday Adaptive Planning for Finance is a cloud-based corporate performance management software that provides everything you need to enable an active financial planning process. Easy to use and accessible from anywhere, Workday Adaptive Planning’ performance management software empowers you and your team to better manage your business. Get business agility in a fast-moving world.


Address Business Challenges.

  • Workforce Management - Plan and Analyze Your Headcount with Agility and Confidence
  • Revenue Management - Accurately Forecast Revenue with Integrated Financial and Sales Planning
  • Expense Management - ­Streamline Expense Management and Access Key Cost Drivers on Demand
  • Capital Management - Drive Stronger Capital Management with Powerful Planning and Analysis
  • Profitability Analysis - Software to Plan and Analyze Your Profitability and Improve Strategic Decisions
  • Balance Sheet & Cash Flow - Integrate P&L Statements with Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Projections
  • Financial Close - Accelerate Your Financial Close: Consolidate, Validate, Report, and Disclose

(Optional) Platform Capabilities:

ReportWORQ enhances existing Workday Adaptive Planning OfficeConnect reports so they can be dynamically replicated, personalized, refreshed and emailed to each stakeholder automatically.  Our report distribution solution can update PowerPoint Slides with Workday Adaptive Excel report data as well as send reports to your stakeholders via File Share, SharePoint, Slack, or through Email.


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