Why QueBIT for Life Sciences

Driving Profitable Growth & Strategic Value in Fast-Moving Life Sciences Businesses

Advancements in research technology, new scientific breakthroughs, and introduction of new products has transformed the Life Sciences industry. The industry is steadily transitioning from research-oriented companies to commercial entities. This transformation increases pressure on management to provide investors with strategies to improve business performance.

QueBIT and our client partners have established a roadmap for the alignment of operations with planning, budgeting, and reporting. Track and allocate costs, calculate KPIs and performance metrics, and collaborate on future plans with ease.  We have helped our Life Sciences customers with:

  • Gross to Net reporting and calculations for historical periods and forward looking plans
  • Clinical Trials financial management and reporting
  • R&D financial management, including allocations and forecasts
  • Workforce Planning across business units and globally
  • Inventory Planning as part of the full S&OP cycle is critical to delivering for patients

Accountability becomes a reality to help Life Science businesses to adapt. See how Arthrex meet customers' needs in a changing world through the power of Predictive Modeling.

xP&A for Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical development process is complex and calls for significant investment in financial and human capital. xP&A encompasses both the goal of increasing efficiency while reducing bias through integrated planning, as well as the means of achieving the goal.

  • Significant increases to efficiency - Analysis across a diverse portfolio of pre-commercial drug programs to make fast and reliable decisions.
  • Streamlined global planning process - Streamlined ability to allocate expenditures activities at each level of the organization while streamlining the budgeting process. With a single source of truth, analysts and managers alike can focus on the achievement of departmental and organizational goals ahead.
  • Increased collaboration and accountability - Empowered the ability to customize the user planning experience via security without sacrificing reporting.

Predictive Demand Planning & Forecasting for Medical Devices

Many factors can impact sales of your products beyond traditional seasonality, including production capacity, market conditions, COVID, pricing, and many more. How do you react to changing conditions? Is your demand plan detailed enough to answer your stakeholders’ questions?

QueBIT’s unique approach demand planning and forecasting gives your business the flexibility to react to the modern business and the accuracy to make decisions that help achieve your financial goals.

  • Exceptional Detail: We build our forecasting model at the lowest level, often at the product by geography level. This low level makes use of all available data so that users can make the best decisions.
  • Highly Accurate: Distinct models are built at each level so the best algorithm for each product combination can be modeled separately for higher accuracy. Automatic outlier detection helps clean and smooth your data.
  • Explainable: Forecast outputs are paired with metadata about the seasonality, error, and model selected so that users can a high degree of confidence in the system’s predictions.
  • Flexible: Our robust user interface not only shows the system forecast but allows for adjustments, overrides, and approvals. We can adjust the system to your business rules, not the other way around.