QueBIT cares passionately about helping good companies become great,
through our analytics solutions and service offerings.

We’re driven to help organizations improve their agility to make intelligent decisions that create value. Astute decision makers learn from the past to manage the present, predict the future— and take prescriptive actions. Therefore, we’re resolute in our commitment to excellence in analytics strategy and implementation.



  • Brian Moore

    Business Analytics continues to be a differentiator that separates the good companies from the great. Having been immersed in this field my entire professional career, I often admired QueBIT as a leader in the industry. Recently, I’ve had the good fortune in joining them and continuing this pursuit of excellence. At QueBIT, we strive to

  • Robin Wilkinson

    Early in my career, I knew I liked the challenge of working with vast amounts of data and being able to transform it into meaningful and useful information for business analysis. I have been working in the BI space for more than 15 years. As a consultant and a direct employee, I implemented advanced reporting

  • Scott Staskiewicz

    I have always been fascinated with using patterns to draw informed conclusions. While in a high school statistics class I fully realized my fascination, as well as passion, for data analysis and decided that I wanted to pursue a career in it. With that in mind, I obtained a degree in Mathematics and Economics at

Case Study Image

Prescriptive Analytics & CPLEX Decision Optimization and TM1 Dashboard: Combined Planning Power at JLG Industries

Case Study Image

Stein Mart uses QueBIT’s Quick Start Planning Solution to Rapidly Leverage Reporting on the Cloud

Case Study Image

Safelite drives smarter business planning with deep insight and process automation from IBM Analytics

Case Study Image

Huffy Bicycles relies on predictive demand planning to increase forecast accuracy

Case Study Image

Deriving Greater Business Value from True Integration between IBM Cognos TM1 and IBM Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM)


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