Why QueBIT for Wholesale Distribution?

QueBIT has enabled Wholesale Distribution companies to increase revenue, reduce costs, increase efficiency and outperform their competitors through better Analytics. Our Wholesale Distribution clients gain more visibility into their customer behavior, demand for their products, and optimal pricing to maximize revenue, while controlling costs through superior inventory management strategies. Seamless integration of financial planning, analysis and reporting with operational planning creates one clear version of the truth to support better decision making.

See how a global distributor of after market parts reduced manual pricing efforts by 3 days per week while simultaneously fostering greater visibility, flexibility and structure.

See how Huffy Bicycles relies on predictive demand planning to increase forecast accuracy.

Extended Planning and Analysis (xP&A) for Wholesale Distribution

Extended Planning and Analysis (xP&A) encompasses all types of business planning, forecasting, reporting and analysis that a company needs, across any part of their business, including Finance, Sales and Operations.

Predictive Planning for Wholesale Distribution

Embedding Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning within your Financial Planning and Analysis processes enables you can quickly and easily add highly accurate and automated predictive forecasts, directly into your existing revenue and profitability planning processes.

  • Accurate and automated revenue planning, which continually improves over time, as the predictive data model builds upon itself with Machine Learning
  • Eliminate human bias from sandbagging and aspirational planning in the revenue plans
  • Improve alignment of revenue and expense plans through increased forecast accuracy
  • Make faster decisions with real-time data aggregation and interaction with forecast drivers
  • Quicker time to value by leveraging QueBIT’s pre-built library of AI and Machine Learning algorithms

Financial Planning & Analysis for Wholesale Distribution

Companies of all sizes must plan for the future and continually measure their performance against those plans.

If data inconsistencies and inaccuracies run rampant through the user-submitted projections, though, then the leaders who are responsible for compiling and comparing all user projections to actual performance metrics can’t do their jobs efficiently.

A Financial Planning & Analysis solution is one of the financial analytical applications that an enterprise needs in addition to financial consolidation, management, and statutory reporting.

Financial planning systems include:

  • Budgeting – The process by which an organization sets and measures its goals. Most companies do an annual budget before a new year begins.
  • Forecasting – The process by which the organization checks its progress against the budget as time passes. Goals are then updated for the remaining months of the year to reflect new realities in the business environment. Some companies forecast at monthly, quarterly, or less frequent intervals.
  • Financial Planning – A general term that encompasses both budgeting and forecasting as an integrated business exercise.

Learn how one of the world’s largest distributors of automotive parts and accessories Improved Data Collection and Analysis for Enhanced Financial Decision Making

QueBIT is an award winning consulting firm that partners with best-of-breed technologies to deliver exceptional results. QueBIT’s experts combine industry and business experience with deep technical skills to advise on, design, build and deploy practical analytics solutions that add value to our customers’ businesses.