Planning and Analysis Technology by Roles

Not only does QueBIT provide planning and analysis guidance for companies in many industries, but we can tailor solutions to meet the needs of leadership roles within key segments of the business. Whether company leaders are evaluating technology options or trying to get more from the solutions they already use, QueBIT can provide targeted advice for finance, operations, and IT.


The modern Office of Finance has visibility into all organizational data flows and understands governance and controls. This means Finance is positioned uniquely to drive the development of a data strategy that bridges gaps between functional areas of the business, including finance, operations, and sales. Taking a strategic approach to data foundations also supports traditional Finance responsibilities, such as budgeting, forecasting, analysis, and compliance with financial disclosure requirements. 

QueBIT delivers financial planning analysis, management, and reporting solutions that are designed to meet the needs of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and Controllers by allowing them to measure performance and predict future trends. 

Resources for CFOs and Controllers

xP&A, Procurement Planning, and the Office of the CFO

xP&A Data Hub Primer for the CFO

RPA for Financial and Management Reporting


We assist Chief Operations Officers (COOs) and Vice Presidents of Supply Chain at companies in many industries in developing solutions for supply chain planning, workforce planning, project planning, and management reporting. We guide operations leadership in optimizing planning and analysis processes through a wide range of solutions.

Resources for COOs and VPs of Supply Chain

Scenario Planning for Supply Chain Planning

Connecting Supply Chain Decisions to Financial KPIs

Why Finance Should Push for Improved Supply Chain Planning


At QueBIT, we can advise Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) in designing planning and analysis solutions that support line of business goals and make IT a strategic partner in the company. QueBIT can architect solutions that address concerns IT has regarding around security, data governance, privacy, and alignment with standards.

Resources for CIOs and CTOs

xP&A Data Hub Primer for the CIO

How to Make IT a Strategic Business Partner: ITFM

DataWORQ Empowers You to Use Your Data Effectively

QueBIT has specialized expertise in:

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