QueBIT Wins 2016 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding IBM Analytics Line-of-Business Solution

Retail enterprises are generally the result of two operations – the “buy” side, which acquires the product, and the “sell” side, which interfaces with customers. QueBIT provides solutions for retail customers in the following domains:

Financial and Performance Management (FOPM):

  • Reporting on actuals for internal and external business needs
  • Demand planning to drive the forecasting process and plan revenue
  • Same-store analysis to understand changes to core locations
  • Store peer grouping to determine baseline performance
  • Merchandise planning and inventory control to mitigate having shortages or excess products on hand
  • Operational expense (OpEx) planning to manage the cost of running a retail operation.

Predictive Planning:

  • Predictive demand planning to determine how much of the product is likely to sell or how much service is needed, taking into consideration historical sales, product attributes and economic factors.
  • New product forecasting to predict expected sales of new products, based on the characteristics and product lifecycle of products that have been sold previously
  • Predictive assortment planning to determine what products should be merchandised in order to maximize profits.
  • Store siting to identify the best locations to place new retail locations.

 Customer Analytics:

  • Customer segmentation to understand the characteristics of your customers and what they want
  • Acquisition and cross-sell modeling identifies potential sales opportunities in your customer and prospect base to generate more revenue
  • Retention modeling to identify at-risk customers and put capabilities in place to retain them

Data Management:

  • Organize and consolidate your retail data for analytics
  • Warehouse your data more efficiently

The QueBIT Team is comprised of technology and services experts with deep knowledge in IBM, Open Source, and QueBIT technologies including:


Open Source


  • BoostWORQ
  • ControlWORQ
  • FrameWORQ
  • WebWORQ

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  • Huffy
  • Safelite Auto Glass

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