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Successful publishers today face business issues that go way beyond traditional ink on paper. They must use their established titles or brands to channel the wide variety of content sources and delivery mediums.

Key Factors that Modern Publishers Must Consider:

  • Is the method of delivery equally important to the content of the message?
  • What is the most effective way to reach different demographic subscriber profiles?
  • Are there synergies between the various content creation processes to avoid duplication and maintain consistency?
  • How do we measure our response rates across the various content distribution methods?

Through our broad expertise, QueBIT can help guide your publishing business through all of the business and financial aspects you face today. Our proven record in this area will provide your publishing business with more effective strategies and tools to manage them.

Tools and Solutions QueBIT Offers:

  • Identify drivers and develop measurement tools to analyze subscriber demographics
  • Complete an audit of production, editorial, purchasing, and distribution processes
  • Implement best practices across the organization to eliminate redundancies or inefficiencies
  • Identify opportunities for multi-media distribution to increase subscriber reach
  • Develop a scorecarding system to define goals and measure success rates
  • Track progress of individual projects or channels versus overall corporate strategy

Manage Your Publishing Business with Accurate Information

Collection of timely, accurate information is key to effectively managing your publishing business. QueBIT will help you identify the right data points to sample and the right method to collect this data.

The QueBIT experts will show you how to apply the critical data to make more informed decisions in all areas – from operations and finance, to sales and customer service. By implementing Cognos Business Intelligence and Finance modules, QueBIT can train your team to be self-sufficient in creating planning and budgeting systems that capture data more effectively. These systems also allow you to make more informed decisions about your company’s future.

If you have legacy systems capturing some of the key information, QueBIT has the expertise to help integrate those as well. For the financial management side of your business, our dashboarding and compliance tools will help you streamline these functions and improve your decision-making ability.

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