Why QueBIT for Manufacturing?

Since its inception in 2001, QueBIT has enabled Manufacturing Companies to increase revenue, reduce costs, increase efficiency and outperform their competitors through better Analytics. Our Manufacturing clients gain more visibility into their customer behavior, demand for their products, and optimal pricing to maximize revenue, while controlling costs through superior inventory management strategies. Seamless integration of financial planning, analysis and reporting with operational planning creates one clear version of the truth to support better decision making.

Predictive Demand Planning & Forecasting for Manufacturing

Predictive Demand Planning provides improved forecasting and planning efficiency, including raw material ordering, production scheduling, plant capacity, inventory planning and operations. Gaining this level of accuracy on the front-end of the business enables your organization to then concentrate on your customer behavior and optimizing the sales component.

QueBIT PriceAlign Manufacturing

QueBIT PriceAlign provides Price Optimization Analytics, to maximize revenue and drive more effective pricing strategies. Leveraging historical information and real-time external data sources, QueBIT PriceAlign empowers QueBIT clients to rapidly gain customer insight and effectively manage pricing, while avoiding the pitfalls of reacting to price changes that are too late, after opportunities are lost.

Financial Planning for Manufacturing

QueBIT has driven many successful implementations to connect planning, finance, and operations management to drive immediate improvements across their entire organization. QueBIT delivers best-of-breed financial and operational analytics projects for manufacturing clients through IBM’s Planning Analytics Financial and Operational Analytics Software Platform. QueBIT’s experts have deep knowledge of the FP&A (financial planning and analysis) processes and requirements of Manufacturing. We use this expertise to help our manufacturing clients transition to robust, scalable and secure planning software solutions that integrate smoothly with Excel, and retain Excel’s advantages while avoiding its challenges.

Data Accessibility for Manufacturing

Any successful Analytics initiative pre-supposes that relevant data is readily available, in the right form and at the right level of granularity. Data accessibility often turns out to be the biggest unexpected risk factor in Analytics projects! QueBIT’s data management team has extensive experience in assessing and addressing data accessibility challenges, and understands how to take a focused approach to find the shortest path to business value without compromising the long term vision. QueBIT works with all major data and ERP platforms, both in the Cloud and on-premise. For SAP customers, we offer our Atlas solution for real-time performance optimized data extraction from SAP.

QueBIT is an award winning consulting firm that partners with best-of-breed technologies to deliver exceptional results. QueBIT’s experts combine industry and business experience with deep technical skills to advise on, design, build and deploy practical analytics solutions that add value to our customers’ businesses.


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