Federal, state and local government agencies are charged with providing high quality and low cost infrastructure, care, and safety services to their citizens. QueBIT solutions equip these agencies with more complete information on where and how money is spent, while also finding opportunities to reduce and recover costs and improve program quality.

QueBIT’s knowledge of business analytics enables public servants to effectively target problems, get the best outcomes for your tax dollars, and report policy outcomes, all from a common platform.

QueBIT analytics will enable your team to:

  • Combine data from multiple systems into a single integrated solution
  • Enable teams to collaborate in real-time to analyze, plan, and report, at all levels of your organization
  • Provide powerful ‘what-if’ modeling for the entire spectrum of ‘best to worst’ case scenarios needed by your team
  • Satisfy all public reporting requirements transparently through the web, email, and standard reports that can be refreshed with data anytime, on demand
  • Complete planning for financial, operational, headcount, and capital plans in a single vision of your enterprise
  • With analytics, the public sector can stay on budget and exceed expectations

More effective government with the ability to:

  • Measure, report on, and understand the drivers of program effectiveness
  • Improve readiness and uptime by early identification of potential problems
  • Select the right individuals for audit and collections efforts
  • Plan workforce while also recruiting and retaining the most effective personnel
  • More efficiently approve or deny individuals for inclusion in special programs
  • Monitor and understand the factors that drive quality of care and health care outcomes
  • Rapidly and more effectively identify of fraud, waste and abuse

Data Management

  • Organize and consolidate your accounts, program, employee, and 3rd party data for analytics and reporting
  • Warehouse your data more efficiently

The QueBIT Team is comprised of technology and services experts with deep knowledge in IBM, Open Source, and QueBIT technologies including:


Open Source


  • BoostWORQ
  • ControlWORQ
  • FrameWORQ
  • WebWORQ

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