QueBIT serves educational and non-profit organizations including a variety of institutions that offer academic, vocational, and career instruction as well as testing and training services. We help educational services more effectively execute strategy to manage performance and drive measurable results, while reducing costs and maintaining quality.

QueBIT’s solutions are driver-based and incorporate best practice methodologies. QueBIT delivers solutions that provide:

 Planning and Forecasting

  • FTE distribution model to estimate project/program costs
  • Volume/Revenue planning and optimization (e.g. number of classes, students, tests, CBT)
  • Direct expenses and driver-based planning
  • Operation expense planning by departments
  • Allocation models to handle up to 50 methodologies to allocate across all business units
  • Capital planning
  • Predictive Demand Forecasting and variance analysis

Relationship Management 

  • Report on student performance – institutional research
  • Focus student recruitment efforts on students most likely to attend and be successful
  • Identify students at risk for not returning
  • Recruit the right mix of employees to attract your desired student population
  • Identify alumni that have potential to be donors

Data Management

  • Organize and consolidate your accounts, employee and student data, and 3rd party data for analytics and reporting
  • Warehouse your data most efficiently

The QueBIT Team is comprised of technology and services experts with deep knowledge in IBM, Open Source, and QueBIT technologies including:


Open Source


  • BoostWORQ
  • ControlWORQ
  • FrameWORQ
  • WebWORQ

Select Clients

  • National Geographic
  • Educational Testing Service (ETS)
  • Fujifilm e.Systems

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