Financial Services

The economic crises of 2008 fundamentally changed banking due to changes in regulation, risk management, customer relationships, and profitability and growth expectations.

To form a complete analytics strategy, financial institutions need an integrated solution that allows them to understand short and long term profitability, the availability of capital and the ability of that capital to survive in the future.  The QueBIT team provides analytics support these needs including:

Product and Portfolio Reporting and Optimization

Report and Dashboard

  • Monitor actuals for internal and external needs, such as capital requirements estimations
  • Understand and forecast the performance of the portfolio
  • Generate yields, rates, and indexes calculations for faster management reporting turnaround
  • Report on funds transfer pricing (FTP) to determine line of business profitability


  • Operational expenses (OpEx) to manage the cost of running a bank

Model and Simulate

  • Predict and simulate the impact of defaults or loan prepayment
  • Model the risk of prepayment and default
  • Report and manage collections
  • Assess credit risk and market risk to determine the right amount of assets to hold


  • Report on, assess, and simulate Value at Risk (Var)
  • Create risk-weighted assets (RWA) calculations simplified for capital adequacy reporting.
  • Predict probability of default (PD), loss give default (LGD), and exposure at default (EAD)
  • Track Sarbanes Oxley compliance to ensure all systems are secure and up-to-code.
  • Generate Suspicious Activity Reports(SARs) on activities of interest
  • Implement fraud risk alerts to warn of suspicious transactions

Consumer Behavior and Marketing

Data Management

  • Organize and consolidate your banking data for analytics
  • Warehouse your data more efficiently

The QueBIT Team is comprised of technology and services experts with deep knowledge in IBM, Open Source, and QueBIT technologies including:


Open Source


  • BoostWORQ
  • ControlWORQ
  • FrameWORQ
  • WebWORQ

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