Galileo Predictive Demand Planning: 3 Critical Elements Necessary For A Successful Demand Planning Solution

Learn how organizations can combine financial modeling with predictive analytics

This whitepaper discusses how every industry is being challenged with ever higher expectations, regulation and ongoing shifts of market forces and dynamics that continually shape how business is done.

Take a deep dive and learn the 3 Critical Elements Necessary for a Successful Demand Planning Solution.

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Is the Cloud Ready for Business Analytics?

Today, we’ve entered the Second Phase of the Cloud Movement. Organizations have learned from the mistakes of the First Cloud Movement and are ready to fundamentally change their approach to business by harnessing the power of cloud computing.

Savvy business leaders are looking to a new kind of cloud computing in this Second Phase. This cloud computing movement is ready to enable organizations with the power of big data analytics. It’s ready to seamlessly weave together both on-premise and off-premise data with third party data and applications. Analytics capabilities that were previously off-limits to corporations because of steep barriers to entry will now be accessible to many.

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Aligning Finance Models to Streamline Business Processes

Finance Model Definitions: Planning, Forecasting, and Strategy The key to streamlining financial models begins with the business process side of things—getting all the right people to work together, agree on an approach, and settle on a process for utilizing the integrated model.

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Critical Modeling Strategies for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies’ finance and actuarial staff live in a world rich with numbers, including premiums, losses, cash flows, underwriting costs, adjustment expenses, and allocations. Both teams typically use spreadsheets as their primary weapon in this war of number crunching and mission-critical modeling. But while spreadsheets are commonly used, they tend to be an inefficient tool

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Migrating to TM1

QueBIT developed a toolkit for migrating IBM Cognos customers from EP and/or CF to TM1 technology. This toolkit includes both software tools, such as standard Turbo Integrator processes, and consulting methodologies to ensure that customers can reap the most benefit from their transition to TM1. The optimal transition to TM1 requires a blend of expertise,

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Stress Testing for Banks

Whether you are a $50+ billion bank holding company (BHC) or a $2 billion retail bank, stress testing provides your institution with the ability to capture and understand current and future financial risks and manage portfolios accordingly. QueBIT Consulting, Trusted Experts in Analytics, can help $10+ billion dollar banks with both CCAR/DFAST requirements. We can

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Stress Testing for Banks in IBM Cognos TM1

Stress Test is the common name for the annual Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) required by the Federal Reserve. The CCAR is the central element of the Federal Reserve’s approach to ensuring that large bank holding companies (BHCs) have thorough and robust processes for managing their capital resources, supported by effective risk measurement, and

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