QueBIT Planning

QueBIT Planning is a cloud-based financial planning and analytics solution that brings powerful modeling, Excel integration and reporting capabilities to customers without the cost or overhead of owning an on-premise custom application.

Does your planning process lack structure, controls, consistency, and auditability? Are you ready to take your planning to the next level, but feel hesitant to make a big purchase and are concerned about who will maintain it?

With QueBIT Planning, you can replace your existing planning process in weeks with a streamlined, collaborative, driver-based, cloud-based, and web-based model.


Benefits of QueBIT Planning:

  • Pre-built applications based upon QueBIT’s award-winning best practices, but customizable to your business
  • Minimal training required because of the intuitive user experience
  • Rapid and economical implementation
  • Modules for expense, revenue, and workforce planning, with more modules to come
  • QueBIT manages and maintains the solution, so there is no need to hire or train a technical administrator
  • Tightly integrated with Excel for reporting and analysis, while simplifying data management, security and governance

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