Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics Value Proposition

Predictive Analytics is now necessary for companies that want to remain profitable in an increasingly competitive business environment.

Predictive Analytics offers:

  • Advanced prediction capabilities to focus on forecasting all possible business outcomes
  • Rapid analysis measured in hours or days, not weeks or months
  • A focus on business relevance to solve real business problems, not academic exercises
  • Easy-to-use and visually-oriented tool sets
  • Operational insights that allow predictive companies to outperform non-predictive peers

The Benefits of Predictive Analytics

QueBIT has driven massive improvements in nearly every business vertical, including:

From the lowest level of operations all the way up to the office of finance, predictive analytics offers a game-changing approach to running your business more efficiently.

Predictive Analytics Solution Delivery

QueBIT provides the resources and expertise to maximize your investments and drive operational excellence. QueBIT helps companies harness predictive analytics to maximize the engagement of your teams through an extensive knowledge transfer. We enable our clients. When our core engagement is complete, your teams feel confident taking the reins and driving many more predictive projects.

On-premise Analytics Solutions

QueBIT’s predictive analytics team provides the on-premise delivery of many different predictive solutions. These solutions are custom-built to the exact needs of each client.

We provide end-to-end solutions that offer:

  • Custom ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) – Data processes that merge and scrub data to maximize predictive power
  • Predictive models – Modeled are tailored to specific client data and business problems
  • High degree of automation – Included from ETL to model, building, evaluation, and/or refresh
  • Rich user interfaces – Used to drive maximum user efficiency in consuming the predictive model output

predictive analytics-min
Source: Forrester Consulting – Predictive Analytics CMOs from Survive to Thrive

Predictive Analytics Mentoring and Training

QueBIT’s CARE methodology is rooted in mentoring and training. Our goal is to enable clients to own their predictive analytics solutions.

As a part of every QueBIT engagement, our team of consultants will:

  • Spend significant time with clients to transfer technical knowledge on data science and our tool sets
  • Share industry best practices
  • Provide a full training curriculum for ongoing knowledge advancement
  • Offer a training catalog that contains tools, algorithms, and business-oriented training that covers all the bases

Predictive Analytics CoE (Center of Excellence)

For companies that want to embrace an internalize predictive analytics, QueBIT also provides mentoring on how to develop a CoE. These Predictive Analytics CoEs deliver business benefits by interfacing directly with the business. CoEs can be centralized or decentralized, and QueBIT will help you decide which model best fits your business.

Analytics Management through QueBIT

For clients who aren’t interested in building anther own internal predictive analytics capability, our teams offer simple end-to-end point solutions.

Predictive Analytics SaaS (Software as a Service)

QueBIT provides a number of predictive point-solutions that are delivered via the cloud as a service. Our SaaS offerings allow clients to rapidly adopt predictive analytics with a smaller initial investment. While these SaaS solutions are more predefined, they still offer significant configurability and leverage the full power of predictive analytics.

Why QueBIT Is a Leader in Predictive Analytics

predictive analytics2-min (1)Real value with predictive analytics comes from domain knowledge and technical skills. At QueBIT, we focus on hiring the best and brightest people who have deep domain/technical knowledge, excel in communication, and love to teach. Our culture is built on enabling both our employees and our clients.

Our approach has resulted in some incredible client success stories. These successes have helped transform many of our clients into industry leaders.

Our Awards for Predictive Analytics Services Include:

  • 2016 Beacon Award – Predictive Demand Planning/Assortment Planning Solutions
  • 2015 IBM – Top Analytics Partner Award

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