ReportWORQ makes the job of TM1 report distribution easy! It dynamically generates and automates the distribution of your TM1 reports.

Propel the delivery of IBM Planning Analytics TM1 Financial Planning & Analytics data and insights to your Financial, Sales, Marketing, and Operational stakeholders. QueBIT’s ReportWORQ saves you the effort associated with manual report generation, validation, and distribution.

  • Leverage your existing TM1 Excel reports
  • Collate existing reports as reporting books through various distribution methods outside of the TM1 environment, such as email and SharePoint
  • Create reporting packages for a wide variety of target audiences
  • Integrate with Excel VBA for custom report transformations before generation
  • Use existing TM1 subsets and define report variables through our powerful parameters feature, which allows a single Excel report to automatically generate and distribute many reports while providing the capability to filter out empty reporting content and eliminate

  • Package reports in multiple digital formats (e.g., Excel, PDF) and automatically add a table of contents and PDF bookmarks
  • Unleash the power of TM1 Active Forms and BoostWORQ (formerly OLAPObjects) Expansions to include dynamic reports in your ReportWORQ packages
  • Customize content and define who receives reports and how using our recipients feature
  • Run ad hoc reports (directly from client) and scheduled RW jobs (utilizing the RW server)
  • Launch ReportWORQ jobs from Action Buttons and TI processes
  • Develop scheduled tasks for distributing reporting packages, ensuring timely data delivery

Drive successful business decision making. Take the rich business analytics data you’ve already collected in TM1 and automatically distribute it in meaningful reports to users across the enterprise.

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