Spend Less Time Preparing Data and More Time Analyzing It

Import, Clean, and Enrich Data in Seconds

Pigment is the perfect tool for those looking to do less grunt work. With Pigment, you can quickly and easily import, clean, and enrich data from all of your business applications in just a few seconds. This allows you to spend less time preparing your data and more time analyzing it.

Flexibility to Build and Maintain Your Models

Pigment provides you the flexibility to build and maintain your models over time. This prevents errors and allows you to zoom in and out of your business data with a few taps, using intuitive drill-down and waterfall chart features. Pigment makes it easy to manage your data, so you can focus on what really matters.

Pigment is here to help you do less grunt work. Request a demo now to see how Pigment can help free up bandwidth in your business, allowing you to spend more time analyzing data and less time preparing it. Try Pigment today and take the hassle out of your data processing tasks.

“With QueBIT’s help we have cut budget cycles by 40 percent and halved the time spent on manual processes for financial planning, saving 450 person-hours annually. With their understanding of manufacturing, finance, and sales analysis, they had the ability to speak to our business to understand our unique requirements and recommend a technology solution that is second to none. I could not be more satisfied with our partnership with QueBIT.”

--Director of Financial Planning & Analysis​