Reporting Healthcheck

What is a QueBIT Reporting Healthcheck?

QueBIT’s Reporting Healthcheck is a methodology which documents and assesses the sources of data required to produce a report, the level of data governance & controls and collaborative workflow needs, while identifying opportunities to reduce error & increase efficiency.

Why do I need a QueBIT Reporting Healthcheck?

Benefits of a QueBIT Reporting Healthcheck include:

  • Data from multiple source systems and Excel files
  • Both text and numbers are assessed
  • Input review of multiple participants, whose efforts need to be coordinated and combined to produce the final product
  • A final product in Word, Powerpoint, Excel or PDF, or if the same data needs to be presented in multiple formats (for example Word and Powerpoint)
  • Reduces the stress caused by ensuring correctness and accuracy of the final product

What are examples of reports that are candidates for the QueBIT Reporting Healthcheck?

  • Board presentations
  • External SEC filings
  • Monthly financial and management reports

What is the Process for a QueBIT Reporting Healthcheck? (How do I get started?)

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What can I expect from the Healthcheck?

QueBIT Reporting Healthcheck deliverables include:

What are the Next Steps after the Healthcheck?

Take the report to understand your biggest bottlenecks and develop an action plan OR engage QueBIT to help develop a road map, contact us at


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