Predictive Planning

Embedding Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in FP&A made easy!

If you think embedding Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning within your Financial Planning and Analysis processes is going to be hard, think again. With predictive planning, you can quickly and easily add highly accurate and automated predictive forecasts, directly into your existing revenue and profitability planning processes, within four weeks or less!

Why Predictive Planning?

  • Accurate and automated revenue planning, which continually improves over time, as the predictive data model builds upon itself with Machine Learning
  • Eliminate human bias from sandbagging and aspirational planning in the revenue plans
  • Improve alignment of revenue and expense plans through increased forecast accuracy
  • Make faster decisions with real-time data aggregation and interaction with forecast drivers
  • Quicker time to value by leveraging QueBIT’s pre-built library of AI and Machine Learning algorithms

Why predictive planning is more accurate at forecasting?

  • Performs automated seasonality detection (multiplicative, additive, or linear)
  • Incorporates causal predictors, when available, to create true predictive forecasts
  • Automates lagging, evaluating all possible time series lags
  • Defaults to linear trending when causal factors cannot be identified or quantified
  • Provides very advanced outlier detection and management

Why QueBIT?

QueBIT has been delivering highly successful Predictive Planning solutions to companies of all sizes since 2001. Here are some examples:

  • Huffy Bicycles – Significantly improved forecast accuracy leading to increased revenue and higher customer satisfaction. Huffy also Improved revenue plan accuracy at the detailed product and customer level,
    allowed for more accurate revenue & expense budgets to be assigned.
  • Safelite AutoGlass – Improved agility with an 18 month predictive analytics-driven revenue and P&L forecast. Safelite also automated their existing forecasting processes reducing annual planning
    hours by 40% and monthly planning by 60%.

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