• CloudWORQ Planning

    CloudWORQ Planning is a cloud-based financial planning and analytics solution that brings powerful modeling, Excel integration and reporting capabilities to customers without the cost or overhead of owning an on-premise custom application. Does your planning process lack structure, controls, consistency, and auditability? Are you ready to take your planning to the next level, but feel

  • Demand Planning for Enterprise Businesses

      Welcome to QueBIT’s Demand Planning Hub. Learn more about demand planning and about QueBIT’s Demand Planning solutions.

  • Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way businesses interact with customers and driving massive improvements in internal business processes.  IoT allows simple, internet connected devices (like temperature, vibration and image recognition sensors) to provide critical, “on the ground”, near real-time data to businesses.  The value of this IoT big data can be extracted

  • iQue

    QueBIT’s iQue plugin adds predictive modeling to TM1 in minutes!  Increase forecast accuracy by up to 40%, today.  Yes, today! Predictive technology can increase your forecasting accuracy by up to 40%, so why have you not adopted it? Are factors like project complexity and cost keeping you from moving forward? What if you could leverage

  • Predictive Assortment Planning

    QueBIT’s ORION Predictive Assortment Planning solution maximizes product availability for retailers by building store-specific assortments tailored to each retail store’s unique demands. Assorting the right item into the right location at the right time empowers retailers to maximize customer satisfaction and revenue through the use of predictive and prescriptive analytics. Features of Predictive Assortment Planning

  • Predictive Claim Complexity, Fraud and Subrogation

    What if you could analyze claims for complexity and identify subrogation opportunities and potential fraud in a unified predictive solution (analyze millions of claims in minutes)?  QueBIT has recently released a ATHENS Predictive Insurance Claim Subrogation solution to help insurance companies rapidly identify and manage claims that have the potential to be subrogated. This subscription-based solution has:

  • Predictive Police Deployment

    The QueBIT Predictive Police Deployment (QPPD) solution generates high-resolution heat-maps for multiple crime types. By analyzing recent crime events and environmental conditions, the QPPD solution identifies crime hot spots with a high degree of accuracy. With actionable information from these maps, police departments can also optimize their officer patrols. The fully-automated solution is extremely easy

  • dollar arrow icon

    Predictive Price Optimization

    Price Optimization, Automation and Analytics– Pricing products and services effectively is key to retaining customers, growing market share and maximizing revenue/gross margin. An effective price optimization platform, must be able to identify price changes that drive these corporate goals in a user friendly, interactive environment. In addition, the price optimization process must be transparent. Handing your

  • TM1 Automated Report Bursting

    Over the last 20 years, QueBIT has implemented hundreds of IBM Cognos TM1 systems. Our success reflects how TM1 is an ideal solution for modeling your business. TM1 enables you to escape from the so-called “Excel Spreadsheet Hell.” TM1 is also a superior tool for data management and data audits. QueBIT Maximizes the Productivity of

  • TM1 Financial Consolidations

    Companies that need to consolidate multiple legal entities or departments for reporting purposes often face challenges. They are at a disadvantage when compared to organizations that use a single General Ledger or ERP system to house all management and statutory reports. The ERP is not the most efficient place to perform consolidations unless all operations

  • TM1 Financial Planning & Analysis

    The Burdens of Financial Planning and Analysis Companies of all sizes must plan for the future and continually measure their performance against those plans. This process is essential, yet is often a burden to users who are asked to contribute departmental expenditures and revenue projections. If data inconsistencies and inaccuracies run rampant through the user-submitted


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