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TM1 is a technology based on On-Line Analytical Processing or OLAP.  With TM1, you can quickly view and understand large sets of Complex business data.  Analysts and Managers can use TM1 Perspectives and Microsoft Excel, and Server Explorer to analyze their business performance.

Overview:  Attendees will learn to create static and dynamic subsets for spreadsheets and views in order to analyze data.  In order to create dynamic subsets, you will also learn how to record and create MDX statements.  You will review the benefits and purposes for a snapshot, slice, and active form and create more advanced TM1 Excel reports for distribution for your organization.

Dates:  This class is a two day course.  The class is scheduled for Monday, August 7th, 2017- through – Tuesday, August 8th 2017. Class times are from 9am to 5pm US Eastern time.

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