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We are committed to customer satisfaction. How to we maintain this? By investing in a highly skilled team of technology leaders. Find out more about them.

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  • Scott Mutchler

    Scott Mutchler is the Vice President of Advanced Analytics Services. Scott has a long track record of delivering enterprise-class Advanced Analytics solutions that drive massive customer value. Scott is equally proficient at building high-performing teams, where every team member focuses on their individual strengths. This approach has resulted in a team this is passionate about Advanced Analytics. That

  • Chris Willson

    My favorite thing about being a consultant is working with different companies in all kinds of industries. It is eye-opening how vastly different two seemingly comparable companies operate on a day-to-day basis, and I find it fascinating. One of my favorite things to do when I was younger was a Sudoku puzzle, and what I

  • Colin Macdonald

    Ever since I was young, I’ve always strived to be the best at everything I did. I’m sure that is a sentiment that can be attributed to many of my co-workers.

  • Arden Miller

    Arden Miller, a Consulting Manager with QueBIT, brings demonstrated achievements in analytical and problem-solving skills and exceptional leadership abilities. She has 14 years of experience designing and implementing IBM Cognos TM1 decision support systems. Her experience includes requirements gathering, design, implementation, evolution and support of global forecasting and demand planning systems to track risk assessment,


QueBIT aims to empower you with the training you need, so that you can apply analytics techniques with confidence. We want you to succeed and see the power in the data that is at your fingertips, so that you can make better informed decisions.

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  • Webinar: Dynamically generate and automate the distribution of your TM1 reports

    December 8 @ 2:00 pm

    Webinar: How many hours does your team spend on generating and distributing TM1 reports in your organization? QueBIT is offering a free 1-hour webinar to show how ReportWORQ canalleviate the tedious efforts of dynamically generating and distributing TM1 reports.    December 8th, 2016 at 2pm EST Hosted by: Maria Szczepaniak, Consultant & Jeff Miller, Technical Sales Consultant Looking for insightRead more ›

    Read More ›
  • Webinar: Cognos Analytics 11.0.5 Released – It’s a Brave New World!

    January 12, 2017 @ 2:00 pm

    Webinar: Cognos Analytics (Just Released 11.0.5) It’s a Brave New World!  January 12th, 2017 @2pm est   IBM released the latest version of Cognos Analytics (Cognos 11.0.5) on November 26th, 2016. This newest version includes some exciting enhancements extending the broad capabilities of the product. Join us for a complimentary webinar to learn about theRead more ›

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