Anaplan Healthcheck

Make sure your Anaplan solution continues to serve your business needs as you grow and evolve!

The promise of Anaplan is that your entire business can be connected on a single planning platform. Its flexibility and ease of use makes it possible to model all aspects of your business including finance, operations and workforce. Flexibility is a pre-requisite for any powerful planning system because planning – by its nature – is always subject to change due to external factors (such as the business climate) and internal ones (such as acquisitions and changes in strategic priorities). Even business growth (and a corresponding increase in data volumes) can affect a system.

With Anaplan, you have the power to easily alter your planning models and increase their scale but over time, an accumulation of incremental alterations can result in a slow deterioration of performance. This is natural: your Anaplan system was originally configured to perform optimally under the prevailing conditions at a particular moment in time.

If those conditions have changed, it may be time to Contact QueBIT for a check-up!

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