Cognos Analytics Upgrade

Introducing QueBIT’s Cognos Analytics upgrade services

If you’re one of the many Cognos customers currently running an older version (10.2.2 or earlier) and considering an upgrade to unlock the true power and potential of your investment, or just want to stay current with the many enhancements available in Cognos Analytics, contact our team of experts now.

The new exciting enhancements of IBM® Cognos® Analytics can benefit your overall business intelligence environment and go forward strategy.  To ensure success, let QueBIT provide the keys to a successful upgrade, which includes having a capable team to implement the upgrade, careful planning, adequate time, and adequate resources and the right tools for the job.

  • A review of core and key changes in Cognos Analytics compared to earlier versions
  • Resource requirements to run a Cognos Analytics environment
  • Options for migrating to the cloud
  • And other common concerns and questions

Cognos Analytics certainly represents a brave new world for analytics professionals. From a seamless desktop/mobile user experience, to a unified development/consumption environment, to new and modern dashboard and visualization capabilities, as well as ad hoc data modeling.

Cognos Analytics has the potential to impact your business in positive and previously unimaginable ways.

Plan your upgrade now!  Sign by June 30th and receive a 20% discount on upgrade services. For more information on our Cognos Analytics upgrade services, contact today!


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