As manufacturers grow larger and more complex, they face unique challenges associated with planning and managing interconnected tradeoffs across complex supply chains.

QueBIT provides unique solutions and services to these challenges:

  • Rolling Forecasts – Planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes taking 20 to 30 days
  • Profit-based S&OP – Integrate sales and operations planning into these rolling forecasts
  • Integrated Planning – Fully integrate all aspects of business planning into these rolling forecasts
  • Strategy-driven Budgets – Drive balanced scorecard targets directly into profit and cash flow forecasts
  • Supply Chain Finance – Plan and manage supply chain performance across legal entities
  • Strategic Sourcing – Simulate the impact of sourcing strategies on global operations
  • Capacity Constrained Cash Flows – Self adjust cash flow forecasts for operational capacity issues
  • Scenario Planning – Simultaneously evaluate the impact of multiple scenarios on all the above

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