Life Sciences

Summary of Industry and Issues

An advance in research technology, new scientific breakthroughs, and introduction of new products has transformed the Life Sciences market. They are steadily transitioning from research-oriented companies to commercial entities. Increased pressure is on the management to provide investors with strategies to improve business performance.

QueBIT and its clients have established a roadmap for the alignment of operations. We have been able to establish a solution that ties together the project requirements with the available resources. Now it can become an effective collaborative approach to planning. Costs can be monitored, and accountability becomes a reality.

QueBIT is able to implement project resource planning that fits each organization’s unique business process. Depending on client’s requirements, QueBIT delivers solutions with a range of different methodologies.

Examples of these methodologies are outlined below:

Department Resource Supply Driven Planning

  • Department managers “own” the manpower resource plan
  • Allocation by resource type by FTE or hours based on  project plans
  • Standard rates per FTE used to calculate project labor costs
  • Direct project costs planned by project
  • OH allocations based on project headcount, FTE
  • Departmental view and a project by department view
  • Project managers review but only request changes, as department managers make all changes
  • Department managers are responsible for managing all resource availability issues

Project Demand Driven Planning

  • Project managers “own” the project manpower resource plan
  • Project managers specify the resources types from each department
  • Standard rates per FTE used to calculate project labor costs
  • Negotiations occur between project managers and department managers
  • Project managers are held responsible for incremental costs
  • Direct project costs are also planned by project management
  • Overheads allocated to projects using drivers (e.g. project headcount, FTE, hours, etc)
  • Cognos EP provides the ability to easily integrate these two differing but directly related views

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