Wasi Ahmed

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Senior Consultant

The bulk of my passions and hobbies are beholden to two foundational building blocks: numbers and deliberation. My background as a Mathematics and Economics major enhanced my affinity toward both. From adolescence through adulthood I have used numbers and logic to back up my reasoning, whether it was drafting the most efficient fantasy sports team or suggesting an alternative to a build plan at work. Math can provide a start in assigning values to quality and credibility, and it being able to do so has instilled in me a fervor for excellence in problem-solving and extracting data-driven insights.

My tenure at QueBIT has exposed me to various industries, for which I helped design unique solutions. One item of uncertainty that we are often dealing with is whether the client will be satisfied with the model. When evaluating this concern, I tend to look back at my economics courses where we had defined the concept of utility as the total amount of satisfaction from a good or service. The idea of applying quantitative values to an intangible concept such as satisfaction has helped bolster my foresight when modeling solutions. Performance can be tracked through conducting speed tests. We can simulate scalability through rigorous stress testing and monitoring server diagnostics. Accuracy can be judged once current data flows through. Ultimately, my time at QueBIT has lead me to realize many of the abstract concepts I come across can be broken down via quantitative analysis. When gathering metrics to measure performance, scalability, and accuracy and comparing them to standards, I can easily gauge whether the project is going the right path.

Certifications: Cognos TM1 Data Analysis, Cognos TM1 Developer, Cognos TM1 Administrator


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