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erik herman

Erik Herman

Get to know me!

Analytics Training Specialist

I am a self-professed data nerd with an English degree (George Mason University). I’ve spent much of my career at the intersection of information, technology, and learning. I am an editor, writer, product manager, and technical trainer by experience.

I am a student and practitioner of life-long learning. I preach, teach, and believe in iterative learning, “piecing it together off the back of sugar packets” as Homer J. Simpson might say.

Whether it’s music, language, photography, technology the reason I love these things is because they offer endless learning opportunities, as well as endless opportunities to apply and enjoy that learning.

I believe the data revolution we at QueBIT and our clients are a part of will continue to manifest itself in ways so important and compelling to business, humankind, and the planet, it’s a thrill to work, learn, and wonder in this space.

It’s a pleasure and a privilege to share that learning and those skills with our clients and partners.


Certifications: IBM Certified Specialist – Cognos TM1 Data Analysis; CTT+ Technical Trainer – CompTIA; Professional Facilitator – Friesen, Kaye, and Associates; Market Driven Product Management – Pragmatic Marketing


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