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Dan Evans

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A common dilemma for most companies today is spending too much time gathering key data, resulting in rushed decisions to meet deadlines.  At QueBIT, we are well aware of this cycle and nearly 20 years of experience implementing solutions has us well positioned to reverse this pattern for our customers.  Prior to joining QueBIT, I had been partnering with Sales, Finance, Marketing and Sales Operations teams in several Fortune 500 companies and found we suffered from “data drought”.  Several years were spent in the trenches, forecasting both units and revenues for large, global companies where we consistently found ourselves struggling to gather key data, leaving no time for proper analysis and decision making.  Finally, we invested in a new OLAP system built on IBM Cognos TM1 that allowed us to break that pattern and significantly improve our forecasting process and business results.  Now I work with experts crafting solutions that deliver outstanding results for our customers every day.

At QueBIT, we understand how to apply advanced technologies to solve many different types of business problems and we can help you with yours.  Like everyone else here at QueBIT, I have a passion for analytics and helping companies resolve key business issues.  I earned my undergraduate degree in Business Administration from North Carolina State University and would love to discuss how QueBIT can help solve your problems and earn your trust.


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