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Christopher Appel

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As a former student of economics, I greatly enjoy the opportunity to work with so many different types of firms and industries. They each make economic decisions of varying scales and consequences that impact the global economy in very tangible and fascinating ways. It is a privilege to see firsthand how our clients analyze the data available to them and respond to the strategic challenges that they encounter every day.

The incredible enthusiasm, support, and experience of my co-workers at QueBIT is a constant source of personal and professional growth. We provide each other with as much insight into new technologies and business practices as we do our clients.

Before becoming a QueBIT consultant, I worked for a few years in finance. At that time, I was responsible for financial reporting, planning, and occasional audits. After countless hours in Excel, Access, and SQL, I eventually found myself thinking, “There must be an easier way to get this done.” Those practical experiences in finance have been invaluable in helping me empathize with our clients.


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