TM1 Automated Report Bursting

Over the last 20 years, QueBIT has implemented hundreds of IBM Cognos TM1 systems. Our success reflects how TM1 is an ideal solution for modeling your business.

TM1 enables you to escape from the so-called “Excel Spreadsheet Hell.” TM1 is also a superior tool for data management and data audits.

QueBIT Maximizes the Productivity of Your TM1 Implementation

Share Reports and Data Easily with Audiences Who Do Not Have TM1 Access

QueBIT provides assistance, particularly when organizations need to distribute Excel-based reports to a wider audience who does not have direct TM1 access.

Improve and Customize Built-in Automation

While IBM Cognos TM1 comes with built-in automation tools, it does not automatically eliminate manual activities, such as report collation and email attachments. This is where QueBIT can step in to help make your specific TM1 implementation more functional.

How QueBIT’s Automated Report Bursting solution enhances your TM1 solution:

  • Define Reporting Books (which can be collations of many workbooks’ sheets) just once during configuration
  • Set up distribution lists customized for multiple target audiences
  • Set up reusable reporting jobs that associate books with distribution lists to be sent out by email or placed on a SharePoint or network folder
  • Jobs can be run manually or regularly on a schedule
  • Package reports in Excel or PDF format
  • Automatically add tables of content and PDF bookmarks
  • Features control how users receive reports and manage data access

TM1 administrators faced with a report distribution requirement have 3 possible courses of action:

  1. Use TM1’s built-in “Print Reports” capability
  2. Use QueBIT’s BoostWORQ utility
  3. Write an Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) macro

Options 1 and 2 work well if:

  • The reports are generated from a small number of Excel files
  • The distribution lists are not too large or complex

The third option can be problematic because customized code can be difficult to track and maintain.


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