Financial & Operational Performance Management

Financial Performance Management (FPM) and Financial and Operational Performance Management (FOPM) describe computer systems that support the effective and efficient management of any business.

How well do your current systems empower your business? Here are some questions to consider:

  • Is the strategic direction adequately aligned with measurable goals and employee incentives?
  • Are the metrics reflecting the goals being measured and monitored so they can be quickly acted upon?
  • Is there clear accountability within the metrics?
  • Do decision makers at all levels have the data they need to make informed decisions?

QueBIT’s expertise in analytics is rooted in FOPM. We apply our deep technical skills to solve business problems from the perspective of our customers. After all, the key to any successful business rests in understanding its financials.

We help customers model and measure their business in a way that is right for them throughout all stages of development.

The CARE Methodology

Our CARE (Collaboration and Rapid Enablement) methodology focuses on driving the empowerment and independence in our customers. The ability to make better decisions faster should outweigh the investment in FOPM systems as long as you use the correct approach and implementation.

QueBIT’s Value in Financial and Operational Performance Management includes:


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