Management Consulting

Strategic Advisory Services for Analytics

QueBIT Management Consulting Services focus on asking the most critical questions about your business. Our teams help you identify actions that will improves performance. The combination of our staff expertise with a robust toolkit enables QueBIT to deliver successful results across a wide variety of industries and geographies.

Our approach to developing customer-centric strategies exceeds ordinary planning and forecasting exercises. Instead, we provide the insight and expertise needed for companies to control their businesses to improve results.

QueBIT’s Value

Analytics is the art of combining disparate elements, applying models, and delivering credible, timely information in a format that is easily understood by a wide audience.

QueBIT’s analytics expertise spans many industries and technologies. But, no matter what, analytics always has a single unifying theme: It solves a business problem and delivers a successful solution with the resources at hand.

To develop a strategic analytics deployment, you need a deep understanding of business, finance, management, and the limitations and capabilities of IT. By partnering with QueBIT, you have access to management consultants who understand the business side of analytics, as well as specialized engineers who understand the technical groundwork.

The Qualified QueBIT Team

Our team is comprised of MBAs, accountants, engineers, and data scientists. Every QueBIT consultant is required to complete a rigorous training program that spans both business and technology. Our team is ideally equipped to help you gain a successful analytics system implementation.

4-Step Methodology for Implementation

Our proven 4-step methodology enables you to prepare and plan to make the right decisions.

  1. Define Success – Analyze your proposed initiative, refine the problem statements, clearly communicate the goals and business case, and identify opportunities and risks
  2. Assess Readiness – Provide a readiness assessment, including business process consideration, supporting systems, and resource availability to deliver realistic timelines
  3. Design Integrated System Architecture – Ensure system integration, run personnel assessments, and determine if cloud or on-premise architectures would be optimal
  4. Create a Roadmap to Execution – Implement projects with minimized risk in manageable stages while focusing on agility and scalability for the future



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