BI Readiness & Healthcheck

BI Readiness and Road-mapping

There is an immense opportunity to increase your usage, performance, application design, security, maintenance, administration, and organizational success with IBM Cognos BI. Whether your a new customer or an existing one, engaging us in a discovery and review assessment allows us to quickly help you identify opportunities to better leverage your investment and new product features within IBM Cognos BI. Our goal is to work with you to help build, maintain, and grow your BI solution.

Performance Evaluation BI-Roadmapping-min

  • Product tuning recommendations
  • Scalability for large user communities
  • Server sizing
  • Load balancing

Application Design

  • Usability options
  • Report and model design review
  • Data flow optimization
  • Reporting design
  • Environment review


  • SSO and integration with other Cognos products
  • Data-level security and authentication
  • Role management processes
  • Implementation and maintenance processes
  • Audit preparedness
  • Administration proven practices

Organizational Success

  • Skills review and end-user training needs
  • Proven practice sharing processes and management
  • Standards management
  • Project life cycle methodology review

Maintenance and Administration

  • Backup, recovery, and disaster planning
  • Internal support and issue tracking processes
  • Change management processes
  • Migration and upgrade considerations

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