WebWORQ (formerly OLAPObjects) makes TM1 even better. It enables you to create complete customized web applications and dashboards built on top of TM1. With WebWORQ, your TM1 web interfaces and web reports are truly customized.

Capabilities and Benefits of WebWORQ

  • Publish specific and multiple Excel ranges to the web easily
  • Control writable and read-only fields beyond TM1 security
  • Create reports, dashboards, and scorecards with rich visualization capabilities, including charts and maps
  • Create reports with dynamic rows and columns using BoostWORQ Expansions, including multi‐dimensional nested Expansions
  • Create customized, subset-driven web menus, headers, and footers
  • Automatic color coding of input-able cells based on security and calculation status
  • Leverage the latest Excel capabilities on the web, including advanced conditional formatting, sparklines, and data validation
  • Synchronize drop down elements automatically between and across web pages
  • Link data and processes with dynamic hyperlinks
  • Leverage web services and other custom processes into your web applications, including Turbo Integrator processes
  • Deliver customized workflow solutions beyond simple submit and review
  • Integrate with ReportWORQ for automated Report Bursting
  • Extend the power of TM1 with a .NET Framework Object Library for developers
  • Supported in all major browsers

WebWORQ will enable you to deliver your TM1 planning and reporting solutions better, faster, and cheaper, while also providing a much richer user experience.

Download the WebWORQ Product Sheet
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