Netezza Analytics

IBM® Netezza® Analytics is an embedded, purpose-built, advanced analytics platform. It is delivered with every IBM Netezza appliance and empowers analytic enterpri

ses to meet and exceed their business demands.

Powering Your Business Decisions with Netezza Analytics

With IBM Netezza Analytics, companies can:

  • Make predictions with more accuracy
  • Deliver predictions faster
  • Respond rapidly to changes

IBM Netezza Analytics fuses advanced data warehousing technology and in-database analytics into a scalable, high-performance platform. This platform is designed to crunch through petascale data volumes. This allows users to ask questions of the data that could not have been contemplated on other architectures. IBM Netezza Analytics is designed to quickly and effectively provide answers to the most sophisticated business questions.

IBM Netezza Analytics is IBM Netezza’s most powerful advanced analytics platform. It provides the technology infrastructure to support enterprise deployments of in-database analytics.

The analytics platform allows integration with leading analytic tools from such vendors, including:

netezza anaylytics-min

  • Revolution Analytics
  • SAS
  • Fuzzy Logix
  • Zementis

IBM Netezza pioneered the modern data warehouse appliance. Customers worldwide have realized the value of combining data warehousing and analytics into a single, integrated, high-performance system. IBM Netezza Analytics enables analytic enterprises to realize significant business value from new business models. It also helps companies realize both top-line revenue growth and bottom-line cost savings.


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