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Do you want to make better and smarter business decisions faster with solutions that take business intelligence (BI) to a whole new level?

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Business intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help corporate executives, business managers and other end users make more informed business decisions, cut costs and identify new business opportunities.  In the past it may have been a luxury for companies who could afford it but now that has all changed. BI tools have advanced to a point where anyone can take advantage of them.

Here’s a few ways to maximize the value of your BI:

  • Grant access across the entire organization – Where do you use BI in your organization? Is it a single-department tool, or a company-wide effort?  If only a limited number of departments access the tool in your organization, you are not maximizing its value.  Companies who get the most value out of it make it accessible across the entire organization. 
  • Adopt Self-Service – Long gone are the days of IT dependency and endless development cycles of managed reports.  Today users must have access to self-service tools.  These types of tools let them access data when they need it without IT involvement.
  • Access across all devices – We live in an era of constant connectivity with our mobile devices yet many organizations still limit their BI access to desktop PC’s.  We can no longer predict how or when users will need data access so to maximize the value of BI it must work everywhere, across any device.
  • Make it Proactive – BI is not just about data visualizations, it can be so much more.  For example, imagine if you were to get automated and intelligent alerts when data changes dramatically via text or email messages.  Setting up intelligent alerts transforms BI from a reactive tool to a proactive tool, addressing issues as they happen.

QueBIT can help you maximize your BI investment in these ways and many more.  We work alongside our clients to help educate and guide them through a successful BI implementation process which fits their needs.  Please visit our website to learn more about our services and also get the latest updates on IBM Cognos Analytics.


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