Support Desk Automation

The QueBIT Automation offerings help you focus on more important duties by scripting the repetitive, reoccurring and cumbersome tasks.

Custom automation is the epitome of efficiency and productivity.  We automate processes for two reasons, first because we do something all the time and it doesn’t really require human brain power and second because it’s an infrequent task but so large it’s going to take forever.  In both cases automating a task not only saves you copious amounts of time, but it ensures that no mistakes are made.

If automation is so great why isn’t everyone doing it?  Because until recently it was very difficult to do.  Developing a process to automate a task in IBM Cognos required programming experience, working with a complicated SDK and development tools such as Java and Eclipse.  This is no longer the case with Tech Data BSP’s Script Runner for IBM Cognos Analytics.  These tools expose an SDK designed for power users, not programmers. The scripting environment is completely based in JavaScript and doesn’t require any compilation process or fancy development environments.  Not only has BSP provided a full JavaScript experience for IBM Cognos Analytics but they’ve also included support for working with Excel files, Databases and performing other common tasks such as sending emails. Don’t worry too much about writing JavaScript, QueBIT will develop your scripts for you and you can make adjustments as necessary.

Let QueBIT develop your scripts and get the most out of automating your support desk

Here’s a few example of what you can automate:

  • Synchronize security with a spreadsheet or a database
  • Push button to create folder structures for a new project
  • Create Report Views with pre-defined Prompts based on an Excel file
  • Allow users to unsubscribe from report schedules
  • Enforce naming conventions across a project
  • Update something very specific in all report specifications

Why Use MetaManager over the IBM Cognos SDK?

  • Version Independence: One version of MetaManager supports all versions of IBM Cognos.
  • Simplicity: MetaManager has already developed api calls for several complex IBM Cognos tasks.
  • Learning Curve: The MetaMAnager API is built on JavaScript, not a heavyweight language such as Java or C#.
  • Easy to Update: No programming experience needed to modify text-based scripting files.
  • Integration: MetaManager integrates with Microsoft Excel, Email and Databases.
  • Support: Stuck or having an issue?  We’ll get you back up and running in no time.

Let QueBIT automate your support desk!


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