Performance Optimization and Monitoring Service

QueBIT Performance Optimization and Monitoring Service

Tech Data BSP’s MetaManager provides an entire line of modules dedicated to tuning, optimizing and monitoring the entire IBM Cognos deployment. However tools are only half of the problem as you need experience and a deep understanding of IBM Cognos to develop a secure and efficient analytics platform.  With QueBIT’s expertise and MetaManager’s productivity tools you’ll be sure you’re taking full advantage of your hardware and delivering the most optimal performance possible.

Trust QueBIT and we’ll validate, optimize and secure your IBM Cognos Environment


  • Discover broken reports, views and shortcuts
  • Validate jobs and job step targets
  • Examine report and schedule ownership
  • Verify report package linkage
  • Validate data sources and sign-ons
  • Load test user activity and identify breaking points.


  • Review the use of embedded SQL
  • Compare multi-dispatcher administration settings for consistency and correctness
  • Review stored output size, age and retentions
  • Compare Dev to Prod for inconsistencies
  • Enforce report retention’s to limit the content store size
  • Stagger report schedules to avoid bottlenecks
  • Apply consistent and optimal configurations across all dispatchers
  • Script the start and stop of services for multiple dispatchers at once


  • Identify content with explicit security
  • Review accounts with direct access to content
  • Examine email recipients and attachments
  • Audit IBM licensing and user capabilities

Don’t wait to be told there’s a problem.  MetaManager’s Performance Monitoring sends notifications via email, text message or webhook the moment an issue is discovered in the environment.


  • Active Users
  • CPU & Memory across Dispatchers
  • Dispatcher Availability
  • Running and Scheduled Tasks
  • Active Content Manager Changes
  • Datasource Validation
  • Custom Inspections

When you partner with QueBIT we take the time to properly assess and cleanup your IBM Cognos environment, then leave you with a functional monitoring system to maintain the integrity of your Content Store as the environment evolves.  With QueBIT’s service we will make sure that users work within corporate policies such as limits on retention history, frequency of scheduled activity and security applied using the appropriate groups at folder levels only.  Customize your rules for what users are allowed to do and let QueBIT enforce the integrity of the environment.


Let QueBIT optimize your Analytics environment and set up you up a hands off monitoring system


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