Security Migration

The QueBIT Security Migration offering combines QueBIT’s expert knowledge of the content store with Tech Data’s proven Security Migration tools to properly and confidently migrate a user’s content and security references to a new security source.

Migrating from one IBM Cognos security source to another is a daunting task. The challenge is that a user in the old security source is not the same user in the new security source, and as a result none of the user’s permissions, preferences or My Folders content will carry over to the new namespace. Aside from the obvious references such as security and ownership, a user’s security ID can hide in many places where there is simply no way to update without the help of a tool.  It is not possible to perform a security migration manually and ensure 100% completeness.

Some of the areas that the migration covers are:

  • Framework Manager Model Security
  • Transformer Model Security
  • My Folders Content
  • User Preferences
  • User Portal Pages
  • Schedules
  • Memberships
  • Capabilities
  • Policies
  • Ownership
  • And much more

Customers migrating to new security sources can now safely and easily migrate each user’s identity to the new security source in a streamlined and automated fashion.

Using QueBIT’s migration service you’ll have the ability to understand the impact of migrating to a new security provider well before the actual change needs to be made.  You have options when you work with QueBIT. You decide if you want to migrate the environment all at once or just a few users at a time over the course of a few weeks/months.  Post migration QueBIT will give you the confidence that the entire environment was migrated by re-running impact analysis reports to ensure no references to the old namespace exists and if an issue does arise fix support post-migration is included in the offering!


Let QueBIT assess what your security impact is going to be for free!


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