ReportWORQ 4.0

Save Time and Enable Business Users by Automating your IBM Planning Analytics Reports

Have you ever taken on the repetitive task of updating, refreshing, saving and emailing a report over and over again for leaders in your organization? Or during close are you required to run a huge set of reports and combine the data into a single bound book for auditing? This is not a good way to spend our time, it’s slow, cumbersome and the risk of human error is too high.  For these tasks we have QueBIT’s ReportWORQ!

ReportWORQ makes generating and distributing dynamic reports from IBM Planning Analytics easy! Using a simple Microsoft Excel Add-in you can now enhance an existing Planning Analytics report so that it can be dynamically replicated, personalized, refreshed and emailed to each stakeholder automatically using a Planning Analytics TI Process and scheduled Chore.  ReportWORQ enables your business users to get the information they need consistently without the burden of manually generating personalized reports.

ReportWORQ is flexible and solves many use cases, here are some of the ways you might use ReportWORQ:

  • With ReportWORQ you can build, refresh and distribute PDF and Excel reports through Files Share, Email or SharePoint.
  • Avoid repetitive work by automatically replicating and emailing copies of reports with personalized data for each recipient.
  • Reach more of the business by removing Planning Analytics formulas from reports to enable non-users.
  • Automate your auditing during close by refreshing and combining dozens of reports together into a single bound and paginated PDF for compliance needs.
  • Get hands off with reporting by scheduling and executing ReportWORQ’s processing through Planning Analytics TI and Chores

Take a quick peek at this tour of ReportWORQ then request your fully functional 30 day trial!

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ReportWORQ’s Book Feature combines multiple reports into a single bound document with a master outline and customizable page numbering
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Existing Reports are enhanced with ReportWORQ by identifying key cells for data elements and sheet names

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