IBM® BigInsights® on Cloud is an always-on, secure, managed cloud service built on Apache Hadoop and value-added analytics APIs. The service is managed and scaled for you by the big data experts at IBM.

The Three Tools of BigInsights:

  1. BigSheets is a browser-based analytic tool designed to break large amounts of data into consumable, situation-specific business contexts. BigSheets can collect data from multiple sources, including:
    • Web crawling
    • Data import/export
    • Data sampling
    • Social media data collection and analysis
    • Machine data processing and analysis
    • Ad-hoc queries
    • And more
  2. Big SQL uses JDBC or ODBC drivers to access data that is stored in BigInsights. This is the same way that users access databases from their enterprise applications. You can use the Big SQL server to execute standard SQL queries and to execute multiple queries concurrently.
  3. Text Analytics is a powerful and declarative information extraction system that excels at creating structured information from text inputs. It allows users to gain actionable insights from the underlying text data. It is capable of handling large amounts of unstructured information quickly compared to traditional text analytics approaches.

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