Arthrex improves quality of life through the power of Predictive Modeling

Arthrex Case Study
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The Challenge

Arthrex continues to experience unprecedented growth and demand for their products throughout the world. The prior demand planning process for the international business used a manual, spreadsheet-based approach.

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The Solution

QueBIT implemented a predictive demand planning which leverages highly accurate demand forecasts generated by predictive models within an intuitive, interactive budgeting and planning interface.

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The Benefit

Automation reduced manual efforts saving 30+ hours per week while gaining 10% improvement in forecast accuracy.

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About Arthrex

Arthrex, a global medical device company and leader in new product development and medical education in orthopedics. With a corporate mission of Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better™, Arthrex has pioneered the field of arthroscopy and develops more than 1,000 innovative products and procedures each year.

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The Challenge

Vision Hospitality Group (VHG) previously utilized Microsoft Excel as its primary reporting and analysis tool. Microsoft Excel has long been the favorite software tool of finance and accounting professionals since it is an excellent presentation and 2-dimensional modeling tool which can empower users and enable them to get their jobs done. However, Excel was never designed to be an enterprise data management tool even though often, as here, it evolves into being just that. As a result, VHG financial analysts spent a considerable amount of time organizing, loading, re-keying, checking and looking for data, instead of analyzing it.

Over the years, as the number of properties owned and operated by VHG grew, timely and accurate reporting of daily, weekly and monthly data required more and more manually intensive work, which became challenging for the group. Manual intervention was required by the finance team to consolidate and validate the data.

As a result of the manual processes and human capital requirements needed to consolidate and validate the data, month-end reporting was sometimes delayed. VHG needed a tool to replace their Excel-based reporting solution and streamline data acquisition from various reporting systems. Regular report distribution was also a challenge. At month-end, finance team members spent a combined 40 hours generating and distributing performance statements to decision makers. VHG needed a way to automate statement distribution and eliminate distribution errors so that the team could focus on analyzing results rather than doing low-value-add manual work. 

““With IBM’s Planning Analytics, QueBIT has delivered an intuitive workspace and solution that has helped us streamline analytics across our quickly growing company. All members of our QueBIT team, from implementation to CARE support have been knowledgeable and efficient in helping us reach our goals”.

- Georgia Robertson | Corporate Operations and Systems Manager

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Delivering the Solution

QueBIT delivered a single analytics platform on the Cloud – accessible anywhere - with one version of the truth for Reporting, Analysis, and ultimately, Planning and Predictive Analytics.

Vision Hospitality gained the capability to generate financial and operational reports with dynamically updated system data, with ad-hoc analysis for power users, while reducing the need for significant systems support. The solution provides:

  • Analytics excellence to ensure individual property management teams are aligned with the key goals and initiatives of the organization.
  • A scalable, long-term solution that can support future growth and changing needs.
  • A simple reporting distribution process.

IBM’s Planning Analytics (PA), Planning Analytics Workspace and QueBIT’s distribution tool, ReportWORQ, were leveraged to build a customized financial reporting and property performance model as well as automate the distribution of more than three dozen daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Products Used:

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