There’s always more you can do with ReportWORQ. Once an initial monthly board book or daily flash report becomes automated our customers find many more opportunities for ReportWORQ to empower finance and business teams.

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Now that the Planning System is implemented and the Finance users are trained, how do you get reports into the inboxes of all the users that are not in your system? Fast and reliable bulk report distribution is what ReportWORQ was built for. Like a Mail-Merge for Enterprise Reporting, ReportWORQ allows you to re-use your existing Excel reports as templates to be updated and distributed to users at the push of a button or on a scheduled cadence.

Barnardo’s Australia – Customer Story

I needed to send 270 individual P&L reports to over 350 recipients. My challenge was to provide not only individual reports, but also summarized reports by Portfolios, Centre, Programs supporting transactional detail, as well as commentary on action items based on analysis of the data. ReportWORQ helped me take this chore from 5 days to just 30 minutes!!

Andrea Beinat, System/Database Project Manager
-Barnardo’s Australia, Children’s Charity

See this use case in action

Email Message

PDF Report

Key features that made this possible

  • Existing Excel reports were connected to ReportWORQ, nothing new had to be created.
  • All aspects of the email message were fully personalized, including signature, logo and commentary.
  • Commentary was based on live report data and included charts and visualizations.
  • Reports were filtered, summarized, grouped and zero suppressed without manual manipulation.
  • ReportWORQ satisfied a key requirement which was to include supporting transactional data along with the P&L

AAA Northeast reduced their time to close using ReportWORQ

ReportWORQ allowed AAA Northeast to simplify the report builds for complex report package needs which included Actual vs. Budget and Trend data for over 20 lines of business. The presentation and ordering of the data was critical to meet the needs of the club, requiring separate report builds for each line of business. With ReportWORQ, AAA Northeast was able to get the number of reports that needed to be built down to two while achieving the same report packages. By leveraging the parameter and collation options in the tool, it allowed AAA Northeast to be more flexibility and agile with reporting changes in the future. Another challenge for AAA Northeast was the time it took to generate the report packages was in excess of an hour with the old reporting tool. With ReportWORQ, the reports now run in minutes, allowing for multiple iterations to be run in a quick time frame when changes are requested

Hear AAA Northeast’s story

Download the AAA Northeast Case Study

On a monthly basis, our team creates a 50-to-200-page financial briefing book for internal consumption by the executive team. The purpose is to highlight movements between actual, forecast, budget and ratios as well as high level commentary to the changes; allowing the executive staff to make informed decisions when managing the business. The report structure is very much constant with the data being the variable. With ReportWORQ, turnaround time for this deliverable has decreased considerably. Key to this success is the ability to make changes to the underlying data without having to recreate the document.
– Director, Financial Technology Team & ReportWORQ customer since 2016

Financial statements are notoriously difficult to read. However, what other instrument can be used to share critical financial data with the business side of the company? How about a financial Newsletter!

For recipients who are not P&L savvy, ReportWORQ enables you to produce critical financial highlights which can be shared easily via a distributed newsletter. Effortlessly include charts and visuals, as well as automated commentary based on formulas identifying key callouts. No longer are you dependent on the recipient opening the attachment, this information can be shared via email and collaboration worksites such as Microsoft Teams and Slack. Given how automated this process is, communication can be done monthly, weekly, or even daily.

ReportWORQ’s Variable Support allows you to leverage your existing skillset to produce high quality data tables, charts and commentary and then map those elements into key areas of an HTML or Textual communication which can then be scheduled to run automatically.

Actual Customer Weekly Newsletter

Download Full Newsletter
Every word, number and chart in this newsletter was automatically generated using Excel formulas and ReportWORQ.

ReportWORQ is your personal PowerPoint robot

In addition to briefing books, which are used for either regulatory or managerial reporting and can range anywhere from 50 to 200 pages, there is a need to summarize data into a presentation format. During any executive leadership discussion, presentation material providing a summarized format of the briefing book is a must. Products such as PowerPoint enable the user to embed or link workbooks, but this is not always the most efficient process. You do not necessarily want to share the entire workbook, nor worry about links which could easily break when moving documents. Furthermore, if using the copy/paste option, minor changes to data could result in major rework.

Let ReportWORQ refresh your data and copy/paste your text, charts and screenshots for you.

  • Source data, individual words, screenshots, and charts from multiple Excel reports
  • Use replaceable variables in the PowerPoint slides to automate commentary
  • Formatting is applied in the presentation, where data comes from the Excel reports.
  • Autogenerate multiple presentation files based on different business entities
  • Utilize all your Excel skills without fragile linked or embedded files

How about pushing data back into the Planning System?

Face it, not every contributor belongs in your IBM Planning Analytics or Workaday Adaptive Planning systems. There are many scenarios where you have a large number of users who need to enter a small amount of data. For example, there are those 600 R&D project managers who need to report workforce hours or the East Coast sales group who just need to enter a few quick numbers via Google Sheets while on the road. Why deal with supporting user account permissions or supplying specialized training?

Use ReportWORQ Input Forms.

The Writeback license is a perfect conduit for sending files, receiving files back and loading the data. There is no manual compilation of spreadsheets, it is fully automated. The input form is dynamic based on data, and easily maintained. Spreadsheet formulas are locked, so no need to worry about failing macros. The process can run as a Windows Service, allowing you to run this from a Rest API, TI process or chore, or you can schedule within ReportWORQ . And finally, ReportWORQ provides an easy-to-read screen showing history returned input forms, load status as well as a downloadable audit report.

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