Product Recall Solution

Imagine, quickly and easily seeing where every item you are buying, building, or selling, currently sits in your supply or fulfillment process. Imagine, in one click, finding the ingredients to every product you make, and then finding every product you made from those ingredients, whether you’ve shipped them or not!

QueBIT’s Product ReQALL provides a quick and efficient view into your operations, allowing you to find the needle in the haystack, and even how many haystacks have needles!”

Simple, Efficient, Real-time: ReQALL allows your business to proactively avert crises and retro-actively analyze vital information to prevent future crises.

Features include:

  • Quick Product Search in real-time
  • Full trackability across production processes
  • Supports Food Safety and Inspection Service, USDA § 320.1 (RECORDS, REGISTRATION, AND REPORTS)
  • Records are vital in tracing products forwarded to consignees and back to potential suppliers
  • Ability to export to many formats
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The Filters: Easily search your operational data with a rich and flexible assortment of relevant operational parameters.
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The Summary: Get a quick overview of where your product is throughout your supply, inventory management, and fulfillment processes, as well as one click access to detailed information.

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